Alcohol / Mix Ratio


All gourmet mixes are provided as non-alcoholic as the Host/Hostess can add their own liquor either directly to the mixture before filling the machine, on the side, or not at all.

Here’s what you’ll need to create perfectly blended drinks — alcohol added or no alcohol.

Frozen Drink Machine Operating Instructions – Mixing Instructions – click here.

Traditional Lime85 - 8 oz drinksBlend of lemon lime for the classic taste1.75 liters to 3 liters of tequila or rum depending on desired strength.
Strawberry60 - 8 oz drinksTons of real strawberries. Delicious with and without alcohol. 2 liters of tequila or rum; non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.Yes!
Froze60 - 8 oz drinksBlend of strawberry and lemon flavors. Pale pink.Lots of Red Wine!
Go Mango60 - 8 oz drinksA delicious alternative to the traditional margarita and one of our personal favorites.2 liters of tequila or rum; non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.Yes!
Tropical Knockout60 - 8 oz drinksTropical punch with pineapple, orange and lime flavors.2 liters of run; non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.Yes!
Lemonade60 - 8 oz drinksRefreshing with or without alcohol; non-alcolholic favorite at kids parties.2 liters of vodka; non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.Yes!
Peach Bellini60 - 8 oz drinksMixed with rum and champagne, this makes a great Bellini. Leave out the champagne for a peachy daiquiri.1 liter of Rum
1/2 liter of peach schnapps
5 bottles of champagne
or 2 liters of rum
Rasmatazzberry60 - 8 oz drinksReal raspberries blended up for a daiquiri. Also delicious with tequila for a Razz Rita!2 liters of tequila or rum; non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.Yes!
Go Bananas60 - 8 oz drinksServe with dark rum for a distinctive daiquiri or in combination with the strawberry mix for a classic taste.2 liters of dark rum
Hurricane60 - 8 oz drinksThis popular New Orleans drink blends passion fruit with light and dark rum for a Mardi Gras original.2 liters of silver or gold rum; non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.Yes!
Mai Tai60 - 8 oz drinksHawaiian specialty featuring almond, lime, orange and grenadine flavors.1 liter of silver and 1 liter of gold rum
Pina Colada60 - 8 oz drinksTraditional island drink and contains pineapple and coconut.2 liters of rum.
Add one gallon of milk for a creamy cocktail.
Non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.
Pain Killer60 - 8 oz drinksOrange, pineapple and a splash of cocunut.1 liter of Myers rum and 1 liter of Bacardi light.
Goombay Smash60 - 8 oz drinksA Bahamian blend of pineapple, apricot and coconut.2 liters of gold rum
Dreamcicle60 - 8 oz drinksOrange cream like a 50/50 bar!2 liters of vodka
Rum Runner60 - 8 oz drinksBlends pineapple, banana, blackberry, granadine and orange. Purple in color.2 liters of gold rum
Watermelon60 - 8 oz drinksAll the juicy fun without the seeds.2 liters of vodka; non-alcoholic favorite at kids parties.Yes!
Blue Raspberry60 - 8 oz drinksPopular kid's flavor has a bubblegum taste. Blue in color.VirginYes!
Sour Apple60 - 8 oz drinksLike a jolly rancher candy with a grown up kick!2 liters of vodka
Mudslide60 - 8 oz drinksChocolate coffee blend. Good for frozen coffee.1.75 liters of vodka
.75 liters of chocolate liqueur
16 oz of chocolate syrup
Mojito60 - 8 oz drinksA refreshing Cuban cocktail of mint and lime flavors.2 liters of light rum
Cherry Bomb60 - 8 oz drinksFor the kids and just like the one at Seven Eleven. Made with real cherries.VirginYes!
Sangria60 - 8 oz drinksMouth watering orange, lime and lemon.Lots of Red Wine!